Wood Moisture

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Why Burn Dry Wood?

-More efficient
-Save time and money
-Less creosote build-up
-Less stove maintenance
-Better for the air

Signs of Dry Wood:

-Cracked and checkered ends
-Light weight for its size
-Hollow sound when knocked together
-Moisture Meter reading of 20% or less

Signs You're Burning Wet Wood:

-Dirty stove windows
-Smoldering fires
-Smoke exiting the chimney

Moisture Levels:

-Living trees - up to 60%
-Standing dead - up to 50%
-Dry wood - less than 20%

Buying Dry Wood:

-Moisture Disclosure Program
-Buy wood from a seller who tells you the moisture  content of the wood you buy
-Measure the wood yourself with a meter
-Wood Moisture Temperature Corrections
-If you buy wet wood, wait for it to dry before burning
-If you must burn wet wood, mix it with compressed  wood logs